Q: What is a Mentalist?

A: People have always asked Adrian and John this question and for years they have been trying to figure out the best way to answer it. A Mentalist is someone who blurs the line between illusion and intuition. It’s kind of like being a Jedi master.

A Mentalist can figure out what you are thinking (read your mind.), persuade and influence you, put thoughts into your head and make you do other things that you normally wouldn’t do. It’s similar to the skills that people in the media (politicians & corporations) use to either make you vote for them or buy their products/services, but much more complex and ENTERTAINING! 😁

Q: Are the Twins Psychic? Does they believe in the Occult or Supernatural?

A: The term “psychic” has been a bit overused & abused in today’s media. It conjures up everything from carnival fortune tellers to the infamous “Psychic Hot Line.” The Saint Twins believe it’s fair to say that everyone has the potential to exercise some level of extrasensory or non-physical power. With that said, there is nothing supernatural nor occult about what the Saint Twins do.

Yes, there have been moments in their lifes that strange things have happened to them but they wouldn’t label them as being neither supernatural nor occult. Much like a sense that can be sharpened to compensate for the loss of another, or the way human memory can be expanded and sharpened, one’s potential is always unknown until it is revealed and explored. But if you define “psychic” as someone who talks to the dead, then Adrian and John definitely aren’t psychic.

Adrian & John have a hard time as it is trying to talk to the living. (Especially the opposite sex!)

Q: What is Twin Sensory Perception™? Is it like ESP?

A: Twin Sensory Perception™ is something that Adrian and his twin brother John believe all twins are born with. It is a special twin connection; Adrian and John have just developed it further over the years by studying people, twins, and the human mind. They really don’t know what one would define ESP as. But TSP isn’t anything neither supernatural nor mystical. TSP allows them to be able to get inside people’s heads and talk to each other mentally without words because they have been each other since birth. Talk to any other set of twins and they will tell you they have had similar experiences.

Q: What’s the difference between Adrian’s solo show and his Saint Twins show with his twin brother?

A: During his solo show, Adrian’s demonstrations are different than his Saint Twins TSP: Twin Sensory Perception™ show with his twin brother John. During his Saint Twins performance with John, the demonstrations they present are a little bit more complex and more baffling. For example, when Adrian performs solo, a demonstration that he does could involve 3 people, a similar demonstration with John during their Saint Twins show could involve up to 10 people. Price is also a difference.

Q: Is it even possible to “read minds?”

A: The truth is that everybody can read minds to an extent. We do it every day but we don’t really realize it. It has been said that 93% of communication is non-verbal. (7% verbal, 38% vocal, 55% body language). You can learn a lot about what people are thinking about by observing their body language, facial expressions or looking at their bookshelves & pictures on their walls than by asking them directly. Adrian and John have studied the areas of psychology, twins, communications, linguistics, magic, hypnosis and other areas to create the skills they demonstrate on stage.

Q: Can an individual prevent Adrian or John from reading specific thoughts?

A: The human mind is an amazing thing. Just as there are widely varied levels of intellectual capability, people vary greatly in the degree to which they open themselves up verbally or non-verbally, consciously or unconsciously. We always hear about how certain people are more susceptible to the power of suggestion. Others are reluctant to open themselves up to the concept of the untapped powers of the human mind. The truth is, without someone who is willing to meet the twins halfway on stage, the mind retains its secrets like a lock box. The spectators whom help the Saint Twins out during their show are always treated with dignity and respect and never made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Q: What are the Saint Twins' performance fees?

A: There is normally a correlation between a performer’s fee and the quality of their program.

You would never think that a $3,000 car might be similar to a $300,000 car. Just the same, you wouldn’t think that a $100 entertainer might be similar to a $1,000 entertainer. You normally get what you pay for. And consider this: What you pay for an entertainer is normally a small fraction of what you pay for the meal at a banquet or event, and the entertainment is probably far MORE important than the meal. You often pay 10 times more for the meal than for the entertainer (on a per capita basis), when in fact the evening’s program is probably 10 times more important than the meal. Consider the true value-per-person-attending when deciding on your entertainment investment. With this said, there are also other factors that determine our price including location of the show, travel, expenses and more. The Saint Twins offer different entertainment packages for different events. If you are interested in their services, please contact them and they will be happy to discuss the different entertainment packages that they offer.

Q: Are Adrian or John ever wrong?

A: If they happen to miss, don’t worry, it will still be entertaining. 😁 They work with people and hence, all of us are unique and as a result every show will be different. Their show is all about their audience; their only goal is to please and entertain people.

Q: Can the twins teach others what they do?

A: The twins believe to an extent they could teach people some of the skills that they do. If you take 100 people and give them music lessons for ten years, they should become fairly competent musicians. But one or two might stand out from the rest of the group. So compared to that example, some of the skills they demonstrate can be learned with a lot of hard work (just like anything else in life). However, some of the things they do they can’t fully explain themselves how they does it.

Q: What is the difference between a magician and what the Saint Twins do?

A: The difference between a magician and what the Saint Twins do is when you see a magician put a girl in a box and then cut her in half, you know at the end no matter how dangerous or amazing it looked, the girl is fine. When you see the twin’s show, they works with people. Since they really doesn’t use props like magicians, things at times have and can go quite differently than what they originally planned for. But, it is always in good fun.

Q: I was selected to find entertainment for our annual event and was told I needed someone clean. The person in charge last year hired someone that turned out to be R rated and whom offended our guests and ruined the whole event. Do the Saint Twins perform a clean show?

A: Yes, their show is 100% clean! They know for a fact that you don’t have to swear in your show in order to make people laugh. They also know it’s your name on the line when you book the entertainment or speaker for your event. Their main goal is to have everyone in the audience thanking YOU for hiring THEM and make YOU look like the star of the event.

Q: How far in advance do we need to book a show?

A: Some prime dates are booked up to 2 years in advance. It never hurts to inquire about a date no matter how soon or far away the event date may be. You are under no obligation by requesting more information about the shows. Events that are more than a month away require a 50% deposit and a contract to hold the date.

Q: Do the Saint Twins require a minimum number of people in order to even put on a presentation?

A: They have entertained groups from as few as 10 people to audiences of over 1,500. They offer show packages that will fit into most situations.

Q: The last entertainer we hired had a rider on his contract a mile long with incredible demands on it. Do the Saint Twins have a lot of special requirements in order to do his show?

A: No, in fact their clients always comment on how easy and professional they are to work with. Their contract seems long, but they are really simple. The most important thing is sound. If people can’t hear them, that will be a problem. Feel free to contact them for more information on their rider requirements.

Q: Do the twins involve audience members in his show?

A: Yes, absolutely! THEIR ENTIRE SHOW IS THE AUDIENCE! The show is very much interactive!! During the 30-75 minute show, MANY RANDOM audience members become involved in the show. There is no fun in reading their own minds. 😁 The presentations not only take place on stage, but throughout the entire audience as well. Everyone will feel like they were a part of his show and treated with total respect on and off stage.

Q: Are Adrian and John personable? Will they be able to meet with our guests after his show to further talk with them?

A: Yes, they always love to do so if unless there is a schedule conflict that would require them to leave right away. They would be more than happy to include a meet and greet with your audience members at no additional charge. In fact, what they enjoy most about the job is meeting and talking to his audience after the show.

Q: What do the Saint Twins wish to accomplish?

A: Their goal is to leave an audience feeling totally entertained and mystified. They guarantee the show to be fun, clean, and astonishing. They wish to give their audiences that sense of joy and wonder that we all had as children (and that we still all have, believe it or not!) Furthermore, to paraphrase what once the late great comedian Andy Kaufman said, they want to make people think “What’s real? What’s not? That’s what I do in my act, test how other people deal with reality.” And last, but not least they also want people to realize that the human mind is the most powerful force in the universe and that we can accomplish, literally, whatever we put our minds to.

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